Here is what past employers and clients have to say:

Manager of Ecommerce, Quality Bicycle Products

“You figure things out really quickly!”

President, Great Eastern Trail Association

“Thanks to her, the Great Eastern Trail Association now has a greatly improved website. She has changed the aspect of the site — when one first logs in, it has a completely different feel to it, much more appropriate to our mission. Functionality is better, and all the feedback is positive.”

Customer Service Manager, August Technology

“I wish I had three of you!”

Director of Quality, Rudolph Technologies

“I am very pleased with the quality of her work. I've seen her on the lab tools many times over the past year. I believe this is one reason why she's able to produce such a high quality of product, she understands what she's writing about.”

Department Head of Rhetoric, University of Minnesota

“...a team player who handles multiple projects with ease. I hope you will give her application a serious look; she is a fine writer and editor who knows technology and will make a great employee.”

Anti-Violence Program Coordinator, GLCAC

“...bright and creative with a strong willingness to learn and contribute.”

Director of Operations, ReVera

“...intelligent and motivated individual...more than capable of developing and managing technical documentation for sophisticated equipment, and has full understanding of state-of-the-art tools for technical documentation.”

Manager of Documentation, Compucare

“...a highly motivated self-starter who is dedicated to producing work that she can be proud of.”

Professor of Rhetoric, University of Minnesota

“...your management of the book exhibits for the conference ultimately produced significant profits, both for the exhibitor and the Association. I place this accomplishment aside your more general contributions to the planning and presentation of the conference...”

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